Video Trailer Like A Boss™

Learn how to create a mini video trailer to sell your services/products with no additional costs, no HEAVY video production.

Right from your phone. anytime. anywhere.

If you want to experience the shift of people being more attentive to your services, without spending days setting up a video production, you've got to do something different than what anyone else is doing.

What if I told you that I’ve found a new tool that is time AND cost-effective?

"Generate more attention & sell your services with more confidence and more fun…”.

Virginie Consort

“The Only Video Trailer Resource You Will Ever Need”
— Virginie Consort

do you wish people would be more attentive to your offers? are you feeling invisible in this gigantic pod of entrepreneurs?

The truth is, a sales page is not enough anymore. A video can be great, but what I've found works even better is a mini video trailer.

It is how I managed to stand out in a super big pod of entrepreneurs.

If you want to experience the shift of people being more attentive to your services, because let's face it, even if there are 7 billion potential clients on the planet, more and more entrepreneurs want a part of the cake, so you've got to do something different that is time AND cost-effective.

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them FEEL
— Maya Angelou

From low interest… potential clients being 10X more attentive to my offeR.

Today I’m super excited to share with you an unconventional way to sell your services, and even products with fun and no additional costs.

I know that you’re putting your heart and soul to your offers and sometimes noone cares about it.

THINGS shifted WHEN I decided to sell my new service in a different way, add something different to my sales page and most importantly, find a solution that is tiMe effective - BEcause I’m a busy mom ♡ - and CoSt effective - because business expenses continually build up.

Video trailers are the new kids on the block in the world of entrepreneurs, and even parents who want to create short and fun memories!
— Virginie Consort

When I launched the “Manifesting Magic in Cannes” retreat earlier in June, I didn’t get much attention. I had to find a way to captivate people’s attention, but I didn’t have weeks to figure something out. I remembered how easily I’ve been doing mini videos of our vacations, or in my former business Elle & Gourmande, in just a couple minutes, right from my smartphone.

As a busy mom and entrepreneur, my focus is always on finding new time-effective ways of doing business. I don’t have infinite time during the day like some of the entrepreneurs and coaches we see nowadays who don’t have kids. Easy freedom for you guys ;)

At around 5pm every day (12pm on Wednesdays) I’m picking up Linda at school, drive her to a gym class or we do homework, then we have dinner, take a shower, read a story and talk about our day. Morning are busy too.

I really had to find something easy and quick to create.

That is when I’ve started thinking about mini videos I could create wherever I was (while I’m waiting a Linda’s gym activities), whenever I wanted without setting up a video production.

Once you create a stunning mini video trailer, you will:

  1. sell with more fun,

  2. get more attention,

  3. blow away your audience with a stunning video animation,

  4. captivate your followers,

  5. generates excitement and “I’ll have what she’s having”,

  6. share an overview of the content of your offer at a glance,

  7. attract more qualified prospects,

  8. and you will gain more attention by the right, soulmate clients because you’re a perfect energy match thanks to the emotions created during the trailer.

a Video trailer will keep you from being invisible, You'll finally be able to sell your services with more confidence and more fun while coNnecting Emotionally to the Right Poeple.

Simple video trailers will keep you from being invisible
— Virginie Consort

what will happen if I don't take action today?

You could try to do it on your own, but it will most likely take you days to figure it out by yourself.

Or you can decide to get the support you need to help you get more attention

It’s time to show your potential clients why they should listen to you.

It's time to change the way you’re doing sales pages, so people start being more attentive to your amazing offers.

Think of VTLAB "Video Trailers Like A Boss™" being this new way.


This is not your usual online course. Video tutorials to help you step-by-step have been recorded from my personal smartphone. This is a mini online course that's designed to help you go from invisible to potential clients being more attentive to your offers.

When you sign-up today, you will get instant access to:

  • 5-Step process for creating the perfect trailer video during your lunch break, with no additional costs

  • My favorite free video app

  • Exactly what content you need for your trailer videos and where to find it for free

  • How to do selfies if you don't have pro photos yet

  • My best tips to create attention grabbing videos

  • What the true power of trailer videos actually is

  • The one mistake to avoid when making a video trailer to promote your offers, and what to do instead

  • Why video trailers are the new kids on the block

    Plus the #1 thing to do before you hit the "share" button, that you can apply to anything you create in your business like emails, live videos, trainings, etc...

A real life-changing TOOL THAT just a handful of entrepreneurs use

One of the secrets to attracting soulmate clients is to show off what it is that you do and make them feel AS IF they already experienced what you want them to experience! This mini course is step-by-step focused and fun. The power you'll get by using these mini video trailers will shift your business in a positive way, and you will never look back.

"who is video trailer like a boss™ for?"

This mini course is for entrepreneurs who feel like invisible even though they have created sales pages.

Entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, experts, healers, therapists, infopreneurs, bloggers who know that success is sometimes doing things in a new way, but they just don’t know what this new way might be.

Also, busy parents who want to keep lovely and fun memories in a short video format but don’t have the time to do a whole video production.

If you want to:

+ get more attention

+ blow away your audience with a stunning video animation

+ captivate your followers

+ get more attention

+ generates excitement

+ gives an idea of the content of your offer at a glance

+ I’ll have what she’s having

+ more qualified prospects

+ keeps you from being invisible

then my brand new Video Trailer Like A Boss mini course is for you.

"When do I get access to the mini course?"

After you sign up you will receive an email with the login details.

"Is an example included?"

Yes I added my own video trailers. Plus I added the 100K views mistake I’ve made so you won’t make it

"does it work with all types of phones?"

This course has been designed for any type of smartphone. I’ve added the apps I’m using on my Iphone that can be used on Android as well. In the event of something missing you can always contact me via email hello(at)virginieconsort(dot)com

Video Trailer Like A Boss

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Mini Course

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Mini Course

+ One personal Feedback

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