8-week accelerator with high level + soulful biz mentoring for entrepreneurs with a big vision who want to manifest soulmate clients and generate 4-figure daily revenues with the flow


“I will teach you how to BUILD a first-class coaching business that you’ll love, charge your worth, create your star offer, put systems in place to attract the right prospects + BOOK CALLS on auto-pilot, and FINALLY, shift your daily energy to get premium clients with the flow"

Virginie Consort



Join your French Success Coach Virginie Consort, soulful digital marketing strategist and certified master coach for a transformational 8-week program within a small group.

Application only. Virginie is selecting clients who are a good fit for this small group program. If you want to become one of them, let’s talk about you and your business first (note: you will be redirected to an application form).

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Manifesting Magic in Cannes Luxe Experience September 19 & 20 > 1 free ticket

You might be just one step away from building a thriving coaching business and living a life of freedom
— Virginie Consort
“Premium pricing ($2k and up) is the best way for your clients to get results, and for you to being paid well”
— Virginie Consort

you have BIG dreams, but you feel like they are unattainable right now

You are SO ready to manifest your wildest dreams and to make BIG things happen in your business, but you don't know where to start, or what next step to take. You feel like your BIG dreams are SO freaking far right now. And no matter what you do in your business, you feel like you will never reach your big money goals. You're just so tired to see other entrepreneurs and coaches sharing their successful business and beautiful life on Instagram, the one outstanding life YOU are meant to live: having the freedom to work from anywhere, live in a luxurious house, buy a Chanel bag, travel upper class with Virgin Atlantic, and spend more quality time with your kids.

overwhelmed coach -

is this you?

  • Do you secretly know your work is worth more than what you are charging, but you’re scared to raise your prices, because you think no one will pay you premium prices?

  • Are you tacking actions, but not seing any results?

  • Are you hiding behind your Macbook, waiting for a miracle to happen?

  • Do you have a really hard time to hit the LIVE button on Facebook?

  • Are you wondering how some entrepreneurs grow their successful business online, while you feel like you are left behind?

  • Are you all over the place, watching endless free webinars, spending hours on Facebook, looking for the one little hidden secret that will make you rich?

  • Do you see other coaches share their successful business and beautiful life on Instagram, the one outstanding life you are meant to live, and it kills you?

  • Do you want to shine online, but you’re secretly terrified that people won’t like you, or that people will judge you, criticize you?

  • Are you lacking clarity about what you want in your life, because no-one really allowed you to really dream big?

  • Do you desire a freedom lifestyle business, not a trouble-based business?

  • Do you secretly dream of being your own boss, create wealth on your terms, and live a chic life?

  • Do you sometimes wake up at night and feel like you will have to go back to a corporate job, if your business doesn’t bring you money asap?

  • Do you struggle to find the next clients in your coaching business month after month, even after all the work you’ve done?

  • You know that you need the support, systems and strategies to get further along in your business, but you haven't found the right coach yet

  • Have you tried tons of online marketing courses and books, hiring coaches, but nothing seems to work?

  • Is this all affecting your family? Are you kids sad because they feel like they don't have a mom anymore? Does your husband feel hopeless because he can't help you?

  • Do you feel frustrated because you're not living to your highest potential?

  • Do you feel like this is almost the end of your entrepreneurial dreams and laptop lifestyle?

My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.
— Coco Chanel

From unhappy expat mom making $0… fearless, conscious & unstoppable business woman making $3K in a day

I went from being a desperate expat mom to a confident and unstoppable lifestyle entrepreneur, working from anywhere, being present for my 7-year old daughter, charging high-end prices, travelling the world to events and living a happy life on my terms.

But it wasn't always like that.

As a chemist, turned professional wine taster and Chef, turned French cooking coach, I struggled for months to really get my business off the ground.

Charging $100 for online cooking courses, comparing myself to other coaches, spending endless hours watching free webinars, lacking clarity about my purpose and my offering was keeping me stuck. 

It wasn't until I learned how to shift my believes, live with an abundance mindset, charge my worth, create an irresistible offer and learn the latest marketing and advertising techniques, that I was finally able to upgrade my lifestyle and impact.

After 6 years as an entrepreneur in several businesses, I'm finally living my dream as a business coach. I travel the world and help overwhelmed women entrepreneurs like you, turn their dream business into reality,  shift their mindset, think bigger, become fearless doing live videos, attract better clients, reach +3K days and ultimately become millionnaires.

I know these feelings of frustration and fear, not to mention overwhelM, INDECISION and loneliness. I have so been there.

Everything shifted the day I took the decision to become successful, and then I hired the right coach for me



Dreaming about running an online business

Having visibility issues, being insecure and shy

Being stuck in my stories about earning money 

Doubting myself

Watching other succeed


20 pounds (9 kilograms) overweight

Paralysed with a sciatica with a baby to take care of



Going for my dreams

Confident to live my purpose, doing live videos

Shifting my mentality about money

Trusting myself and my intuition

Succeed myself

$3K days

Feeling good physically

Live normally, simply running with my daughter and skiing again

transformation collage virginie 2016-2017.jpg
I went from not knowing what I was doing, to selling premium offers. Investing in high-end coaching and mentoring was the best thing I’ve done for myself, and my business.
— Virginie Consort
The question is not “IF” you’re going to succeed, but “WHEN” you will succeed.
— Virginie Consort

Going premium is the solution to your problems

How I went premium in my former business

I was good at what I was doing, I was providing a real transformation, helping people live a French gourmet lifestyle, with healthy, flavorful meals and bring more connections in their lives.

Simply put, I want the best for my clients and myself - that’s why premium was THE answer. I was selling results, not my time, and greatly impacting people's lives.


It's all about working smarter, not harder.

If you:

  • have a gift to share with the world

  • have made the decision to succeed in your BUSINESS AND your LIFE

  • are ready to raise your standards

  • do what it takes to live this amazing life you designed in your head for SO long and that is waiting for you

  • know that a “get rich by tomorrow evening” trick does not exist

  • are very good at what you do

  • value moral principles

  • are ready to be challenged

Than you are in the right place.

If a French countryside girl with very low self esteem can do it, so can you. 

Once you shift your mindset about money and success, put automated funnels and systems in place, grow your following with Facebook and/or Instagram marketing, start to show the world who you really are, and take the right action steps at the right moment to reach your craziest goals, your work will become fun again, and you will attract the right clients with ease and flow. 

It's the most important next step to take in your coaching business today. I will teach you exactly how to put a premium system in place.

You'll finally be able to attract wealth in all areas of your life,and enjoy the freedom + abundance you've always imagined for yourself and your family.

I went from $0 to $100 a day, to $3K a day. I can show you how to do the same. Be ready to attract wealth in all areas of your life!
— Virginie Consort

what will happen if I don't take action today?

You will keep having the same issues, or it might even get worse.

You can either take the first step to your success (the most difficult one), hire a coach, or you can choose to go back to your life as usual, back to struggling to find clients, hiding behind your Macbook while watching other people succeed. Is that what you want?

What you get

This is not your usual coaching program. It's a transformational and fun program within a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs and coaches that's designed to elevate you and your business, and help you go premium and build a client acquisition system in 8 weeks.

The XK Magic Formula™


The XK Magic Formula™ is the secret weapon that will help you attract an abundance of money, confidence and freedom. It's the core of updating your business from the inside. It's the first pillar to your success, and contains 5 critical steps. It’s all about setting up the foundations of mindset and manifesting with your soul.

This is the exact formula that has helped me gain the control back in my business, go from Scared to Unstoppable, and has propelled me from $100 days to $3K days.

Soulful digital marketing, Tools, automations & systems from the modern days

Clarity is key. Know exactly who you want to work with, what tools and systems to use for your business. Learn exactly what you need to get your first premium clients in a way that is aligned and feels good for you. Create your results-oriented Star Offer. Plug-and-play with one of my own successful funnels. Set up killer automations so you won’t have to do it all by yourself. You will get my systems, webinar slides and automated emails. I will share all the apps I’m using on my Iphone every single day, and how I do promo videos in less than one hour only using free apps and a smartphone.

people who get you

michael-nunes-592254-unsplash copy.jpg

Myself, my team and your new sisterhood, we will get to know you personally, your dreams, your goals, your challenges, your fears and your deepest desires. Make lifetime friendships and partnerships!

My eyes on your business with Live Q&A Calls


I know how it feels to take action, and not seeing any results. Get your business inside and out under my laser-sharp blue eyes two times a week with no time-limit (trying the red laser but it doesn't work, yet :). Walk away with a clear step to reach your  goal FASTER than before. I'll share with you the latest marketing techniques, copywriting tips, manifesting hacks, automations and systems adapted to your business and your lifestyle.

A real life-changing experience


One of the secrets to attracting high-end clients is to hire a mentor who actually did it. The whole mastermind is infused with powerful tools and techniques. The results you'll get after this experience will elevate YOU as a person AND your business, and you will never look back.

Facebook and instagram ads EXPERT


To attract better clients on auto-pilot every single day, we are going to build converting Facebook or Instagram Ads with you. Once a month you will have a group call with Maria, my personal Ads Expert.

Guest expertS

guest experts

Anaïs Austria: Daily Stress Meditation Coach


Here's what you can expect from this high-level program

  • Attract the right, soulmate coaching clients, even if no one has heard about you

  • Uncover your stories about money and create a new one

  • Know exactly who you want to work with, what tools and systems to use for your business

  • Learn exactly what you need to attract your first premium clients in a way that is aligned and feels good for you

  • Create your results-oriented first-class offer

  • Plug-and-play with one of my own successful funnels

  • Save hours of your time by setting up the right automations

  • You will get my systems, webinar slides and automated emails

  • I will share all the apps I’m using on my iPhone every single day, and how I do promo videos in less than one hour only using free apps and a smartphone

  • Get access to my golden list of highly transformational, must-read books

  • To attract better clients on auto-pilot every single day, we are going to build converting Facebook or Instagram Ads with you. Once a month you will have a call with Maria, my personal Ads Expert

6 modules

2 Q&A STRATEGY + MINDSET calls per week

1 Facebook/Instagram Ads call per month

Special Bonuses

BONUS : Productivity Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs

BONUS : How to do a promo video for free

BONUS : [Checklist] All the Apps I’m using to run my business


What you won’t get


Fillable PDF

As I always say, I value your time, and I also value my time. I don’t believe that a beautiful PDF document is the best way to implement what I will teach you. I really don’t like to have to scroll down and down again to fill out something, not to mention when there is a bug on the computer, you spent hours and everything disappears in one click. After years of working as an entrepreneur and being passionate about effectiveness and producing the best result in the shortest amount of time, I created a powerful way to replace the well known “fillable PDF”.


A place to whine and complaint

This is what I see if I close my eyes and dream about a brighter future where anything could be possible: I see conscious human beings, happy love bugs, healthy generations, and wealthy women, the rebels, the world changers, the committed, the freedom seekers, the high-vibe seekers, those who make a difference, those who do things differently, those who don’t do excuses, those who take action, the unstoppable ones, those who build 6 and 7-figure empires consciously, those who raise the next generation of positive influencers, those who never give up, those with a positive attitude. The #BossMademoiselle


During my sessions with Virginie she helped me gain a clear understanding of how to get in front of my audience, where to find them and ideas to communicate with them. In addition some of her technical advise was invaluable to me! Setting up processes within my businesses and procrastinating over the right way to do things and what programs to use was holding me up. Virginie helped me get out of my own way and strive for progress not perfection. Thank you! X

Hayley,  Personal & Brand Stylist


Virginie's a rockstar! I came to her needing helping with my Facebook ads optimization, but I got so much more. In addition to helping me get clarity on how to target the right people and grow my following on Facebook, she helped me work through a very deep wound that I didn't even realize needed to be healed. I was so stuck, until Virginie helped me through. Now I feel much more aligned and in flow with my money-making capabilities, and have a solid plan for reaching my tribe online. I'm so grateful... thank you Virginie!!

MONA LISA, success coach



Just incredible. Virginie is awesome and takes really time in this mini-intensive coaching to answer all your questions you have about how to make your business successful. Amazing. I can't wait to put in practice all the tips and advices she gave me! Don't lose your time to figure it out yourself. To be efficient, hire Virginie! 

Anaïs, Choir Conductor & Meditation Coach

“This is your one and only life, don’t settle for anything less than outstanding”

— Virginie Consort

"who is Visionnaire™ for?"

For coaches, consultants, creatives, online service providers who feel confused and overwhelmed with their business, who are ready to be pushed, to step up for themselves and others, and breakthrough the ceiling of lack: money, confidence, self-love, power, freedom, happiness. 

If you want to:

+ build a first-class coaching business online so that you can have the freedom you desire and deserve

+ build your client attracting system and get ideal, premium clients in a way that feels good to you (not me, because I’m not a guru ;)

+ charge your worth as a spiritual coach, relationship coach, life coach, wellness coach, parenting coach, personal stylist or creative

+ manifest literally anything you want (premium clients, dream house, Chanel bag,...)

+ escape your lonely life as an online entrepreneur and fast-track your results

+ make a big impact in the world

+ you're ready for an a$$-kicking life-changing experience,


"When does the accelerator start and end?"

VISIONNAIRE™ is a 8-week transformational group program within a small group. It’s on-going, that means that the program starts for you the day you sign-up.


“Why is there no “buy" button on YOUR website?”

I believe it is SO important that we connect together before you buy anything from me. I don’t want you to buy something that is not aligned with what you need now. So I’m doing the extra work to talk with everyone who feels like I have what they want. At the end of the call, we will know exactly what you need to reach your goals, and if we are a good fit or not.

Plus, I don’t want you to take a decision based on the price that you see, because right now, the way you think about money is actually keeping you from success (We will work on that during the program).

And, to make it easy for my clients, I have several payment options available.


"are the results guaranteed?"

If you show up ready to do the work, I can guarantee that I will empower You and guide You with everything I know, and be available for you to succeed.

I’m obsessed with challenging the status-quo. I’m known for doing things differently, even if the basis is the same - marketing + mindset - my method is different (no French pastry involved :D). I’ve been an employee for 10 years, an entrepreneur for 6 years, and a mom for 7 years.

Intuition + soulful digital marketing strategies + mental toughness are my super powers. I’m good at copywriting, everything I write is from me, you won’t need to hire a copywriter when you join this program.

I value authenticity, integrity and having fun #WorkSmartPlayHard #BossMademoiselle

You are in good hands with me. Now it’s up to you to decide when you want to make it happen...


Can I ask you a question?

How much money are you already wasting every month by staying stuck…?

Wendy K Yalom.png

Read what people who met me are writing...


If you are ready to make big things happen and finally build a thriving coaching business, schedule your business breakthrough session today: