Coco Chanel and Elon Musk (+ extraordinary offer)

You're anything but extraordinary...


Coco Chanel and Elon Musk turned their unusual dreams into reality.
They were visionaries.

Coco changed the way women dressed in the late twenties. When women were wearing black clothes as a sign of grief and mourning... 

Coco decided it was time for a change. She was the first designer to create the little black dress - LBD - for the everyday life. Can you imagine the way people may have looked at her at the beginning... The little black dress is now considered as a must-have in a woman’s garderobe.

Elon's latest project is to bring space travel affordable for everyone…can you imagine flying from NYC to Paris, through space, in just as little as one hour? 

Well, be prepared because it’s coming...

Can you see the potential for us coaches who are hosting retreats and VIP days around the globe?

Side note, there is actually a retreat coming up in Cannes in July. But you won't be able to space-travel for this one ;)

They had a vision.

They went for it...even when everyone else labeled them as crazy.

This is an invitation, 

Be weird. Be crazy. Be you.


In this mood of beyoucrazyweirdness, I have an exciting offer to share with you today (keep reading below, you really don't want to miss out on this one)

You see, I’ve been following the top coaches over the past three years.

And there is one thing that kept coming back to me.

I could not understand why they all said something in the lines of "now that I am an X-figure coach my rates are so and so...". So you either pay, or you can find your way (on your own).

Nothing new right? Big transformations for a big price.

>> Until today.

Today I’m following my vision, my intuition, and my truth.

Even if other coaches might be saying she’s crazy no one is doing that...

Here’s what came to me:

Big transformation + private session for an affordable price.

Important side note, I specialize in building premium programs and packages, so I will always tell you to start with a premium offer. It means more results for your clients (because transformational) fewer clients, less hustle and more money. Then, once it’s up and running, you go down the red carpet with cheap courses (and more up too).

So voila…ready for your new Rendez-Vous to up-level your coaching business?

>> Drums rolls, firework, and Red Carpet!!


It’s called the Super Session Tuesday, and it’s an invitation to help you up-level your coaching business fast:

Tuesdays only
$111 for one private business coaching session with Virginie
Spots are very limited, obviously (two every Tuesday)
Offer limited to one session per person
You have never worked with me before
You'll have one month to book your session

Infused with my energy of love and abundance (I am taking Jeffrey’s Allen’s course and loving it!)

>> All the details to book a super session + payment options:

This is what you can except:

  • revamp your packages

  • outline an automated lead generation funnel

  • strengthen your wealth consciousness and become an energetic match to high revenues

  • create a morning routine for success

  • plan the remaining year and build a 6-figure plan

  • get crystal clear on the next step to take in your business

  • and more...

You are anything but extraordinary, 

Create the abundance, freedom, and impact you are made for.

>> All the details to book a super session + payment options:

Spots are extremely limited (two each Tuesday). I wouldn't wait.

I love you,


PS: Every morning you have two choices, continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake-up and chase them ♡ Up-level your coaching business now + create the abundance, freedom, and impact you are made for: