8 mistakes online entrepreneurs & coaches make (and how to avoid them)


Selling low cost courses, programs or 1-1 is a big mistake, at least at the beginning. Why? Because you’re providing a transformation (not selling some more information). Plus, you will need to find way more people to buy from you to reach your income goals when you sell low prices.

Charging attracts super committed client - the high achieving people who show up ready to do the work.

They will get better results than people who buy low ticket offers.

Also, simply because It feels good to you to charge your worth, and to your client to buy the best program.

With a premium group program for example, you work with less people and still achieve your money goals (and get amazing results for your clients).

And simply because you’re selling the value you’re providing, greatly impacting people’s lives.

2. lack of clarity about several important things

First there is the why. Why do you do what you do?

Do you want to live in a beach house, do you want to pay a private school for your kids? Do you want to give money to a charity? Is it for the freedom of being flexible during the day as a mom?

What is your burning desire?

Who do you want to work with? Do you know your ideal client more than they do? What are their challenges, their big desires?

And finally the offering, lacking clarity about exactly what it is you’re offering is key to your success. If it’s unclear for you, it will be unclear for your possible clients.

Lack of clarity creates confusion and overwhelm, followed by procrastination and lack of consistency.

3. Not believing in themselves

And they end up thinking small. I call it a low success consciousness.

This leads to following rules and strategies that are not aligned with your core, who you really are, and why you are here on this planet.

You see, the successful people are not better than you. They believed in themselves right from the beginning, even if it was not easy.

When I was a little girl, I knew there was something bigger for me than the normal life - and believe me, I’m coming from a "think small/play small land”. Then later I wanted to become an entrepreneur, but then I always thought I was not smart enough to become one…until the day I shifted my belief that I CAN actually become a successful entrepreneur. Becoming a mom actually changed everything, because I was responsible for the well-being and bright future of a little human, and I had to show her the successful way of a successful life (and this started with a successful business). I started to have faith in myself. Listening to my heart & asking the Universe (it can be God or anything you feel connected to) for guidance was key.

4. focusing only on the visible

For a very long time I believed only in what I could see…I have a scientific background and graduated in chemistry.

What I’ll explain now can be surprising for some of you, but it’s true.

There is something invisible that runs the show, some call it manifesting, some mindset, some alignment, some energy... It all starts with your dreams, your imagination and your thinking. You can - and you should - shift your thinking. Because business success is 20% strategy and 80% mindset…

The way you think creates the way you feel. Your feelings define the way you act. Your acts lead to your results.

5. not having automations and systems + doing marketing the wrong way

They say they are an entrepreneur, but all they do really is hobby-marketing. If you want to make money in your business you have to treat it like a business, not a hobby. Without systems you don’t own a business, you are the business. Because you have to do everything by yourself: a system can be leads coming in on auto pilot, strategy calls booked automatically, welcome emails automated or a simple funnel. This can all be easy if you decide it will be easy for you, even if you are a beginner in the online world.

For example, on my last lead generation funnel, I had targeted leads coming in on auto-pilot every single day, about 100 emails per week. It was no magic. You have to do practical things and go out of your comfort zone…I created a simple funnel. At the beginning it took quit some time to build a funnel and a Facebook ad campaign, but now it’s quick!

It may feel complicated for you right now, but if you find the right person to show it to you, and you’re ready to do what 99% of people don’t want to do, then you WILL be successful.

6. They don’t invest in mentoring - or hire the wrong one

The most successful business owners hired a mentor. Mentoring brings new ideas, accountability + clarity on the next step to take. Mentoring challenges people by getting them to do things they would not do on their own

Trying to do everything by yourself is just crazy. I’ve personally hired top coaches in the industry and spend +40K to fast-track my success and get the best systems in my coaching business, because I want the best for me, and for my clients. It was a BIG decision every time

One of my mentors said: “You can’t give to your clients what you haven’t given to yourself’.

Find the best mentor and spend what it takes to work with them.

Often what I see is that they hire the one who coaches on one subject - money mindset for example - for 6 weeks, then they buy a marketing funnel program for 6 weeks…they have to put all the pieces together by themselves, then they wonder why it takes years….Or, they hire a one size fits all mentor, who tells them there is only HIS method to get you clients (I call it a guru…). This is simply not true. Find the right person for you, if something does not feel good don't hire them.

7. They don’t build connections

Building great relationships is key to your success.

It’s not because your business is online that you should not connect with potential clients in real life. Your intention should not be to sell to those people right away but to share your big vision and sparkle curiosity.

The online world is crowded right now, the email open rates vary between 5 to 18%. That doesn’t mean it’s too late. It’s quit the opposite. There has never been a better time for bada$$ women to build a business online. Closing the gap between the online and the real world is key to your success.

On Facebook for example, create a local event on your business page and start meeting people in the real world talking about things you love. if you’re a parenting coach you could talk about how to mange back to school week in a peaceful way for example. Or create your own mastermind with people who get you, your soul sisters, they will hold you accountable and cheer you on.

8. they don’t use the full potential of what is right at their fingertips

This is something I don’t hear much people talking about in the coaching industry, but really, mobile APPS on my Iphone have changed the way I do business. I’m a super busy mom, and one of my why is being present for my daughter, go to dance class with her, so whenever I have five minutes I continue to build my business with Apps, for ex, Evernote is my all-time favorite, I use it as a journal, I write all my ideas as soon as they come - otherwise I forget them - I even have one shared file for each of my clients where I put everything in it like their contract (+ they can sign it) their welcome packet, their link to book calls, some resources, etc….) and we can both access this file anytime and anywhere! The members of my Facebook community have access to the 5 must-have APPS to manifest premium clients anytime, from anywhere (click to request access, it’s free).

If you’re still reading after all those mistakes I’m talking about, then I have something for you.

But first, you have to know what will happen if you don’t do something NOW. It’s really not cool. You may end-up burning out… and I don’t want that for you. Because the world needs your gifts and You are here to live a happy, purposeful life on your terms.

With my 6 years as an entrepreneur and 3 years as a coach, being coached by some of the top 7-figures American coaches, and seeing all the good and bad things in the coaching industry, I came up with a way to grow a soulful first-class coaching (consulting or even creative) online business in a different way.

I’m sharing everything I know about the practical (digital marketing plan) and invisible (mental strength, manifesting, energies) strategies in my free masterclass 3+ Secrets To Grow A Soulful First-Class Coaching Business. Please sign-up with the button above. See you there!