Top 3 Business Tips From Girlboss TV Serie Season 1, Episode 9

I had an inspiring conversation with a friend who wants to build an online business around kid’s second-hand clothes.

I immediately told her about Sophia Amoruso, the #girlboss who inspired a whole generation of entrepreneurs around the world. Even though my friend started watching the episodes of Girl Boss on Netflix, she did not know that it was actually a real story.

So my assignment for her was to never stop watching the episodes and get some serious inspiration. Cool right?

Have you watched the series on Netflix already?

If not, well, put it in your beautiful golden rose Law of Attraction agenda. Watching television is not part of my daily life, but when it is something about what I am passionate about, like being a #girlboss, well I’d happily watch the episodes instead of reading a book.

Here are the top 3 tips I’ve learned from Episode 9, Season 1:

  1. Be resourceful: in this episode, she’s looking to rent a commercial space because her apartment is getting too small. She finds a way, no matter what, to make it happen.
  2. Be open to new possibilities: when the things did not work out the way she wanted them to, e.g. her father signing up the lease agreement with Sophia’s name on it, she had to find another option. Which she' did finally found thanks to her friend and biz bestie, Annie. The new space was completely different from her first idea, but she took her chance and rented it. And it was just amazing.
  3. Listen to your heart, and believe it will happen. If you find yourself unsure about what it is to have a big vision, you may want to watch the entire season one of Girl Boss. Sophia is one of those visionaries who knew that, no matter what, she would make it big. I’m not saying that everything she did was perfect because sometimes she was really ‘nasty”. But Sophia is such an inspiration when it comes to talking about big visions and to make it happen on her own terms.

And the good news is that you can do it too. There is no limit, except the ones you are putting on you every single day...


photo credit: Wendy K Yalom @wendykyalom