New Summer #BossMademoiselle Digital Magazine

New Summer #BossMademoiselle Digital Magazine

Bonjour dear reader!

💃I am SO excited to publish your summer edition of the #BossMademoiselle digital magazine. Right from my desk in the South of France!!

If, like me, you love anything beach, sea, and sun, then scroll down and down below to discover anything you need to manifest paying clients and finally make the impact you were born to make! I wouldn't miss it 💗👙

Happy Summer!

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♕ 2019 is waiting for you to shine bright {gift inside}

♕ 2019 is waiting for you to shine bright {gift inside}

What are you waiting for...

Hey gorgeous!

You already have everything to become the next shining star among the stars. You just don’t know it. Or maybe you know, but you don’t know how to get there.

I’m here to tell you that you will find a way.

Have faith.
Follow your heart.
Dream big.
Create an inspiring action plan.
Take intuitive action.
2019 is Your year. 

And I will tell you a truth, you don’t really need someone to help you go there. But with help, you can reach the stars faster.

Famous actress Marion Cotillard who walks up the red carpet every year during the Cannes Film Festival found a way, so can you.

I know you want more, too.

Top 3 Business Tips From Girlboss TV Serie Season 1, Episode 9

Top 3 Business Tips From Girlboss TV Serie Season 1, Episode 9

Bonjour, jolie.

I've had an inspiring conversation with a friend who wants to build an online business around kid’s second-hand clothes.

I immediately told her about Sophia Amoruso, the #girlboss who inspired a whole generation of entrepreneurs around the world. Even though my friend started watching the episodes of Girl Boss on Netflix, she did not know that it was actually a real story.

So my assignment for her was to never stop watching the episodes and get some serious inspiration. Cool right?

Have you watched the series on Netflix already?