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Virginie Consort is a serial entrepreneur and success coach, who one day decided to leave her 9-5 job in a prestigious chemical company, working with clients like L'Oréal, to follow her passion for wine, photography & French cooking. She went from not knowing what she was doing online to selling premium French cooking packages, replacing her monthly corporate salary in one day.

She's always had big dreams for her life, but her lack of knowledge about what was possible, her fears and lack of confidence were taking control of her life, so she was playing small. 

Her life fell apart in 2013 when she was so physically and mentally thick that she couldn’t even take care of her own baby girl. It was the start of a new spiritual journey of personal development.

Her life shifted the day she hired her first mentor. Being surrounded by hundreds of coaches who were changing people's life and living extraordinary lives, the one life of freedom she wanted to live, was the first shift of a series of shifts that changed her life.

When she tried to share her big vision, a few people believed in her, but she never stopped to dream big and kept moving forward, expanding her knowledge with world-class 7-figure mentors.

Her mission today is to inspire and empower ambitious women entrepreneurs and coaches who want to make a big impact in the world to earn big money online, live a life of freedom and raise the coolest, loving kids.

Her expertise is in supporting women to take action quickly, showing them - with a little French accent - how to:

  • create the big vision they can't see for themselves

  • manifest literally anything they desire

  • breakthrough their limiting believes with money

  • build mental strength and embrace a success mindset in a sexy way

  • implement the latest online marketing techniques adapted to their businesses so that they can attract better clients every day

  • start using Facebook advertising

Today Virginie is living in the French Riviera, traveling the world to big events and working from anywhere she wants. Her husband's mission is to spread the internet connections all over the world by building satellites. Virginie, thanks to all those new internet connections is inspiring women all over the world to follow their dreams and live an outstanding life, while running a successful business online.

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“Dreams are like stars, you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny”
Tony Robbins UPW, San Jose 2016

Tony Robbins UPW, San Jose 2016

Michel Pascal, Los Angeles 2017

Michel Pascal, Los Angeles 2017



Virginie is the straight-forward, down to earth and visionary founder and CEO leading this inspiring team.

When she's not empowering first-class women all over the world to shine like stars in their businesses and life, you can find her inspiring her 7-year old funny mini queen Linda Consort, swim in the Mediterranean sea, bake madeleines or enjoy slow living in the French Riviera.



Sabrina is Virginie’s dream assistant and helps her out with every little technical or backend pieces that needs to be done to move a successful business forward. 

When she’s not responding to your emails or creating a graphic, you can find Sabrina browsing on Netflix with her husband and son or trying out a new recipe for chocolate chip cookies!

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Marcel is a friendly Facebook Messenger robot helping Virginie with delivering free downloads to your Facebook Messenger. He also replies to specific inquiries from people and helps Virginie to share her vision and mission with more people worldwide, instantly.


Never give up on your dreams…


Everything is possible


Doing things differently


Seeing what is after, what’s possible, the bigger vision, the things people can not see


Being determined


Being positive

I was almost hit by a HUGE wave in this picture!


Thinking big


Pushing myself to the edges and overcoming limits is my jam

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My life is all about changes: multiple carrer changes, multiple businesses, multiple countries, multiple homes. I thrive with variety. I’m your catalyst for a big change in your business & life